Friday, 30 January 2015

I haven't got time to do anything.....

After writing my first blog I was reminded of a quote I said during a class "if it was easy it would be on this morning" which is very true! We can't expect our goals to be handed to us on a plate and thus we need to work just as hard as everyone else in the room because if we don't we will just make a prat of ourselves, not achieving what we set out to do.

An issue for me is that I got a lot of things going on in my life which take up a considerable amount of time. The most important for me is University, so earlier this week I had to call off training and take the evening off work to complete an essay which thankfully I got done and the next day I had to read out a statement of commitment at the Islington Holocaust Memorial I was non stop but it just shows us time is no man/woman's friend.

So right now I am behind in training and nowhere near ready to jump in the ring but the show must go on and today I will be back in the gym working on the magic I aim to bring on the big night :) 

From next week I will not only be doing my one on one training sessions but I will hit the roads for sprints and runs and incorporate some strength work in to my plan as well #happydays

Will let you know how that all goes and also exactly what it is I do.

Now this week's walkout song is very different from last week's but I hope you like....

Also if any of you got time, I recommend going to see Kingsman: The secret service an absolutely brilliant tongue-in-cheek take on spy-movies which I found utterly hilarious whilst remaining to provide a story line worth sitting through....Colin Firth gives James Bond a run for his money as Harry Hart a dapper spy with Eggsy (Taron Egerton) a worthy recruit for Hart in their battle to save the world against Valentine played expertly by Samuel L Jackson who adopts a very convincing lisp for this role. 

Lastly if you are not already or you are new to my blog as I am new to writing them, don't forget to like the 12 Rounds Boxing page and have a look at the website

Thanks for reading and see you back here next week :)

Daniel 'Smilie' Sheehan

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