Tuesday, 20 January 2015

So we begin....

I say we because this journey is one I want to share.

Yesterday I completed my first session with John Bryson (Boxing coach and Co-founder of 12 Rounds Boxing) in prep for my debut fight. 

A session which included 4 rounds of shadow boxing, 6 rounds of pad work, 4 rounds of sparring, a nose bleed and 4 rounds of bag work. 

I am not new to this type of training however no longer am I boxing to improve my own fitness and strength but I now have a goal to work towards and when It's showtime, I want to know I have done everything needed to put on a good show and get my first win under my belt.

So this is just the beginning and each week I will be bringing you a snippet of my progress so stay posted, who knows by fight night I may also be able to write a decent blog piece!!

My next session is this Friday with Kirk an ex ABA champion and professional boxer currently with 2 wins 0 losses, wish me luck.

Also I will be posting possible walkout songs but you will have to be there on the day to see which one I go for...1st Walkout song suggestion: Def Leppard-Pour some sugar on me

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Speak soon,

Daniel 'Smilie' Sheehan

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